Baking Pan Sale! by Linda Klimack

The Baking Pan Sale at Scoop n’ Weigh - March 13 - 25.

Dear Friends:

Another sale and another opportunity to replace that baking pan that just doesn't seem to work, whether it is the wrong size or warps in the oven. We have an over abundance of baking pans, and are having a sale to clear them out.

All baking pans will be 20% off and all Fat Daddios pans 40% off.


Fat Daddios is a line of baking pans aimed at serious bakers who make those desserts requiring a special size pan. These are the desserts we drool over and encourage others to make so we can eat.

This is the educational portion of the newsletter: shiny baking pans versus dark coloured non-stick ones, what are the differences? The obvious one is one sticks and one doesn't. But with proper greasing, this difference is usually gone.

The second difference is the non-stick absorb more heat and thus bake a little hotter. That means your product will be a little browner on the edges and crisper.

Sometimes I use a non-stick pan, like for brownies where the crispy edges are the sought after pieces. And for bars, where quick release is important. But most of the time I use a shiny pan and parchment paper. It makes cleanup easier.

And the final reason is the non-stick ones seem to scratch easy. I know I shouldn't use a fork to get that muffin out, but it was just a little jab!

We have a variety of styles: such as removable bottom square ones good for Christmas Cake, springform ones with a drip edge, large rectangles for slab cakes, bundt pans for Streusel Cake, and Madeleine cookie pans. All the weird ones, we have.

See you at Scoop N' Weigh: the Candy Store for Grownups 

Linda Klimack

P.S. This is just new.


It is a cupcake caddy that looks and works like an egg carton. It makes it easy carting twelve cupcakes to someone's house.