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Crab Dip

Dear Friends: The second recipe for December is Crab Dip. This is Tammy to the rescue again. I am so-so on fish and seafood and so made a few faces […]

Kevin, Niels And Inger Are Here

Dear Friends: Paper napkins are now named after people (creatures? take that word loosely)! There is Niels and Inger having a good time doing a Christmas thing. And the picture […]

Ugly Sweaters

Dear Friends: When did Ugly Sweaters ever get to be so important? We now have a cookie cutter and paper napkins. I always thought ugly sweaters were a gag gift […]

Vegan Nanaimo Bars

Dear Friends: While searching around for a recipe, Tammy offered one of hers – Vegan Nanaimo Bars. With Tammy’s daughter being vegan, and a lot of our customers being or […]

Remembrance Day

Dear Friends: On Remembrance Day I think about all those mothers and fathers who lost a child during the wars and political skirmishes. A child that had his/her life stopped […]

Propane Guages

Dear Friends: Last summer I invited my neighbours over for supper. I was going to try a new shrimp pasta dish and bake an easy cake and put fresh peaches […]

We’ve Got Mice

Dear Friends: No, not live ones (ugh!!) but cute ones you can buy. We have Wrendale Mugs. These have always been a favourite and there are several versions, including a […]

Bag Lady

Dear Friends: This is a selling newsletter . First the bags. We have cotton string bags for your shopping. When I picture these I see women with thick ankles going […]