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Puzzle Sale

Dear Friends: I am just back from vacation and am still in that zone world often referred to as relaxed. I didn’t go away, instead I took advantage of the […]

Glory Bowl

Dear Friends: I kept having this bad smell in my kitchen a while back, so I checked the regular things garbage, dishwasher, and fruit bowl. There was a dried and […]

Do You Remember?

Dear Friends: Was it really 20 years ago when we woke up on New Year’s Day, unsure if the world would still exist! You remember the Y2K concerns about computers […]

Boxing Day

Dear Friends: By now I hope you are sitting in your pj’s with comfort food and a good movie or book, just decompressing from all the busyness. That is what […]

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends: This is split the difference day: yesterday was the start of Hanukkah and tomorrow is Christmas. This is a day for other people, a day we give and […]

Are You Done Yet?

Dear Friends: Are you done yet? The store is quickly running out of treats and gifts. There is a new shipment of linens, if you are interested in the everyday […]


Dear Friends: You have baked up a storm and eaten way too much stuff, and are down to the final things: stocking stuffer and little things for that someone for […]

Crab Dip

Dear Friends: The second recipe for December is Crab Dip. This is Tammy to the rescue again. I am so-so on fish and seafood and so made a few faces […]