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What’s For Sale 6

Dear Friends:

We are into Week 6 and take note, we are closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday this week. My first Easter off in 22 years.

Regular stock is now 50%.

So what is for sale?

Rubbermaids – On Thursday morning all them are going for sale. There are no phone or email orders. This is first come first served. Period. Last time they flew, so don’t hesitate. Remember the pallets and mice and water? This is what you need to put on the pallets you bought. Orrrr if you were too slow on the uptake, now you need to put everything in rubbermaids to protect it.

Shovels – I think we have had the last snow fall, well I certainly hope so. So I have two snow shovels to sell. If it snows again, you will have to trundle through it with me looking the other way.

Eda’s – last week was Jelly Bellies, this week is Eda’s sugar Free Candies. Big bags for cheap, we pick the flavours. There are still lots of Jelly Bellies.

Hershey Kisses

Plastic Fruit and Veggies – the ones we used for decorations. There is also a bag of toast.

Wooden Flowers – more store decorations

Paper Towel Holders – these held the rolls of bags.

Filing Cabinets –

Cases of Food – We went through the store room and have put out the unopened cases of raisins, icing sugar, candy, cereal and other things. They are have been marked with a reduced price below what it would cost to buy from the pail. There is no other discount on the case.

Fridge – This was used by staff for their lunches.

Plastic Containers – these are the ones you used for peanut butter or sticky fruit. You can buy them individually or make me an offer. They are great in the freezer and are dishwasher safe.

Quilts – I get ready to sell these and then it snows, so I will mention them again.

And still hanging around:
– Tables and Stands- Wreaths and door decorations- Scales – 5 kg

– Commercial Storage Shelving – 6′ high and 8′ high, really strong, built to hold lots of weight.

– Photocopier – double sided, enlarges, 3 bins for paper, connects to computer, scans and faxes.

– Tasting Spoons

– Paper and Plastic Bags – various sizes and good for retail packaging.

– Christmas Branches

– Christmas Flower Pots

– Wicker Baskets – these are plastic that looks like wicker.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Did you know that the functional green cash stand also has to go? Know anyone with a retail store that might like it? It served us for years and still has lots of life in it. Well built, lots of storage, good selling displays. The buyer has to dismantle and haul it away.

P.P.S. Tammy listed the free shelving on Kijiji and it flew out of here with a few men taking it all. I don’t know what they are doing with it, but I would not want to live next door to them, as it will probably sit in their backyard until they figure that out.