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What’s For Sale 5

Dear Friends:

We are into Week 5 and take note, regular stock is now 50% off.

So what is for sale?

Quilts – These are the quilts we hung in the store to celebrate all the seasons. I have tried the sentimental stuff and now I am realistic – I don’t need all of them unless I want to wallpaper my house.

So all of the quilts will be hung up and you can buy the ones you want.

White Wire Racks – There are only three and the early bird gets the shelves.

I am still using the silver wire shelving on wheels, so don’t ask, it will be a few weeks until I sell them.

Board Shelves – All the shelving we had on the walls holding stuff and antiques are free. Yes I said free. Well there is a cost, you have pick through the stack and haul them away. Lots of widths and lengths to choose from. And lots of dust.

Tables and Stands – as these become available, we put them out for sale, and people grab them.

On Saturday a young couple came to the store and bought one of the double stands that hold the pails. They were out for a walk and decided to buy it for the lumber to build shelving in their garage. After paying for it, Tammy helped them push it out the large door at the back and they proceeded to push it down the lane, out onto Taylor and down the road. Taking selfies all the way.

Do you remember the early days of your romance, when you did silly things together? Mostly because there was no money, but also because you felt invincible. Love will do that to you. Sighhhhh. We all miss those days.

Later: near the end of the shift on Tuesday a man walked into the store and said he saw this couple pushing this thing down the road on Saturday and wanted to know what it was. I explained the situation to him and added remember those early days of romance. He replied it was only yesterday. The grey hair and scruffy beard told me it was a little longer.

Jelly Bellies – this is the real deal! Assorted Jelly Bellies for $5 regular $25. The cruel side is I just mixed a lot of flavours together and you are stuck with what I put in it.

And still hanging around:

– Wreaths and door decorations

– Scales – 5 kg

– Commercial Storage Shelving – 6′ high and 8′ high, really strong, built to hold lots of weight.

– Photocopier – double sided, enlarges, 3 bins for paper, connects to computer, scans and faxes.

– Tasting Spoons

– Paper and Plastic Bags – various sizes and good for retail packaging.

– Christmas Branches

– Christmas Flower Pots

– Wicker Baskets – these are plastic that looks like wicker.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Take note that on the Saturday of Easter Weekend, April 11, we will be closed. Knowing the store is closing, I have decided the staff and I deserve a long weekend, so we will be closed April 10 to 13. This is my first Easter Saturday off in 22 years.

P.P.S. I saw the first sign of spring. Not a Canada goose or robin. It was an RV parked in a Walmart parking lot.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many RV’s parked on the edge of a Walmart? It is because they let campers park for free overnight in their parking lots. They are not dumb, when you are stuck there for an evening you go in and shop.