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Beef Tagine

Dear Friends:

The recipe this month is Beef Tagine.

Most people think of this when they hear tagine.

This is a Moroccan cone-shaped ceramic cooking pot. The odd shaped cover means the moisture rises to the top, condenses, then run down the sides and self bastes the contents.

But tagine also means a rich mixture of meat, poultry or fish cooked with vegetables or fruit. It is basically a stew. But with honey, saffron, cinnamon and turmeric it has a lovely taste. The tagine has that cinnamon taste you get in a dessert like rice pudding, but instead it is the main course. And the dried fruit, in this case prunes, adds a sweetness to the tagine.

But the best thing is how easy it is to prepare. No last minute fussing, and everything is in one dish. And you don’t even have to change the dish, just plop it on the table.

The recipe is a basic outline and you can change the protein, vegetables and dried fruit to cook something different. The recipe is gluten free and I think could be made vegan easily, just increase the veggies and add dried beans.

It contains pearl onions which are not as hard to find as you might think. I found them in a grocery store with the other onions. The pearl onions are fiddley as you have to remove the skin. But they add an unexpected touch to the recipe, so don’t leave them out. Just try to rope in a helper to do that job.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Now that the warm weather is here, I put out the Easter and Summer paper napkins and some of them are really cute!

Only 3½ months to lake time!! I have faith in the weather, we are going to have an easy and quick spring. This is not based on my predictive ability but on my sheer wishfulness.Remember my rant about silly named paper napkins, this is Bunny and Clyde.

P.P.S. Spring really is here, my summer linens have arrived!

There are door mats,

matching aprons, oven mitts and pot holders,

children’s aprons,

lunchbags and snack bags,

and finally tote bags.

Bikes are always popular. And in case you are wondering – fish is the trendy thing this year (did you see me roll my eyes!).

P.P.P.S. Last June Tammy and I did the annual calendar for the store where we decided on recipes, sales dates and the reader board messages. So the current message on the reader board in front of the store talks about a Lamb Tagine recipe. The problem was I could not find stewing lamb, so made the recipe with beef. And consequently called the recipe Beef Tagine.

This is a semantics thing, you can use lamb, beef, chicken, or leave it out. Doesn’t matter it is still a tagine.