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Do You Remember?

Dear Friends:

Was it really 20 years ago when we woke up on New Year’s Day, unsure if the world would still exist! You remember the Y2K concerns about computers not working and planes falling from the sky. What a silly thing to worry about.

Just a note to wish you a Happy New Year. If it is a clear day and no wind, I hope to go for a long walk on the trails. Other than that it is a relaxing day and a time of reflection – what do I want to accomplish next year. Finish putting new soil in my flower beds is first and getting rid of those old Christmas decorations I never use is second.

Eating properly and exercising and being nicer is always on the list!

Much Love

Linda Klimack

P.S. Are you still in your pj’s? Me too. There are lots of treats I have to make my way through today before I start that skinny time.

Now some of those inspirational sayings I love. Actually they are more sarcastic than inspirational, but they are also more realistic about life and funny too.