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Vegan Nanaimo Bars

Dear Friends:

While searching around for a recipe, Tammy offered one of hers – Vegan Nanaimo Bars. With Tammy’s daughter being vegan, and a lot of our customers being or having to cook for vegans, I am always on the prowl for vegan friendly recipes.

The Holidays are coming and you have to bake, whether you are hosting the meal or its potluck, you need a dainty that meets all food pickiness. This recipe does. It is vegan and if you use gluten free graham crumbs, it is celiac friendly too.

What is there to say, the bars are sweet and gooey! It’s the Holidays; food rules are suspended until January!

Two additional things. For the custard, use Bird’s Eye Custard Powder as it contains no dairy products. It looks like a big container for the small amount you need, but it keeps forever and you will find other uses for it, like a custard pudding or a custard sauce on cake with fruit.

Second, remember to use dark chocolate. Milk and white chocolate contain milk products. Dark is defined as either semi sweet (more sweet) or bittersweet (less sweet). Unsweetened chocolate is also classified as a dark chocolate, but you only use it when the recipe calls for it and there is more sugar in the recipe to counteract the lack of sweetness in the chocolate.

Another dainty you can make is the Vegan Brownies. Both recipes are on line at www.scoopnweigh.com. Easy! And for the luddites, you can pick up the recipes in the store.

This is an aside I discovered as I googled how to spell luddite, I actually thought it was leadite (as in pencil). My computer doesn’t recognize the word, is it in denial that these people exist?

“2. A Luddite is someone who is incompetent when using new technology.

The word Luddite has an interesting origin in pop culture of the early 1800’s. Legend has it that a young man name Ned Ludd broke an expensive knitting machine in Nottingham, England. Because Ned was considered to be “feeble-minded” by his boss, he wasn’t held financially responsible for the broken equipment. Afterwards, when factory equipment broke, the damage was always blamed on Ned Ludd.

During the Industrial Revolution, when factory workers organized to express their dissatisfaction with work conditions, the legend of Ned Ludd was politicized. One well-known method of protest was for workers to dress up in disguise and visit a factory owner late at night. The workers, claiming they had been sent by General Ned Ludd, demanded changes in the workplace. The invocation of Ned Ludd’s name made it clear to the factory owner that if the demands weren’t met, the owner’s expensive machinery would be destroyed. The Luddites enjoyed a kind of Robin Hood reputation and the movement was generally supported by the public until a protest at a Lancashire mill went terribly wrong and several people were killed.”

While you are eating dainties at your next party, you can spout this tidbit and everyone will think you are brilliant!

The Christmas/Hanukkah//Funny/Sarcastic Paper Napkins are out:












Finally, the Christmas/Hanukkah candies are out. All the favourties are back:
– Chocolate Cherries and Blueberries;
– Blue and Silver Chocolate Balls;
– White and Dark Almond Bark;
– Blue Whales;
– Peppermint Bark Caramel Popcorn;
– Candy Cane Jelly Bellies; and
– Chocolate Covered Lemon Peel.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups who count the days until the food rules are gone!

Linda Klimack

P.S. While I was staging the store and making it pretty I saw that we have two interesting kinds of honey: Creamed Honey with Cinnamon and Creamed Honey with Espresso. The cinnamon one would be good stirred into tea and the espresso to coffee. I am trying to think of another baking recipe to use it in, but even on boring toast they sound good. And there is always Creamed Honey with Ginger.


P.P.S. Something new this year is packages of Fondue Chocolate.

I have not used this, matter of fact I have never eaten a fondue (cheese or chocolate). This sounds easy, you just melt and dip. It comes in its own plastic container and serves four for a leisurely dessert or one on a movie binge.

P.P.P.S. How do you hold several dainties (one is never enough, remember food rule are suspended) and your drink, you use little plates, with cute sayings to make you smile. These would easily hold four dainties and still make you look like you are eating like a bird (as opposed to a pig) (the poor animals are always getting picked on).

P.P.P.P.S. We also have tiny spongeware tidbit bowls to hold tiny bits of stuff – more dipping than eating stuff.

P.P.P.P.P.S. More Wrendale mugs and stuff came in and more Wrendale went out.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. After I mentioned the Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuits, they flew out of here and when I tired to scoff the last box Tammy said I couldn’t because I had mentioned them in the newsletter. Just mean! So this is my next favourite – Ritter Spiced Biscuit Chocolate Bars. The biscuit is actually Speculatius, those cinnamony Christmas cookies from Germany, smothered in milk chocolate. (This sample bar sitting next to me is not leaving the office!)