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Remembrance Day

Dear Friends:

On Remembrance Day I think about all those mothers and fathers who lost a child during the wars and political skirmishes. A child that had his/her life stopped and never had a chance to…do all the things we do.

With the death of the child dies the parent’s dreams and hopes. And the future changes so thoroughly. And if the child never married and had children, all those hopes died too. The mourning is not just for the person that died, but for the living too.

If the child was the only one, are the mothers and fathers still a mother and father? Siblings lose brothers and sisters or become only children, or move from a middle child to the oldest child in the family. Families are changed and forced to find a new dynamic of roles and relationships with the death of a child.

This is just me thinking about the effect a telegram had on peoples’ lives during the wars. And the horrible heartache that never quite goes away.

Take care of yourself and others.

Much Love,
Linda Klimack