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Irony Of Life

Dear Friends:

Last year I lost the blade that fit in an attachment to my handheld blender. I must have been chopping something, then scooped out the contents and threw the remainder in my compost bin with the blade. Of course I didn’t know this, so the next time I needed it, I searched all the drawers and hiding places to no avail. And I searched several more times, never giving up hope. But I missed being able to chop small amounts to make things like pesto.

This summer I accepted that I had lost the blade and decided to fix this problem. First I looked at the new handheld blender, too expensive and not good for the environment when the rest of the pieces still worked. So I went online and ordered the blade. The shipping was double the cost of the actual piece, but at $15 it was still reasonable.

A week and a half later, before I even used the blade, I was emptying my outside compost bins and what do I see, the blade sitting on top as though someone had placed it there. I don’t know whether to be happy I found the blade (and didn’t cut myself finding it) or peeved because I just bought a new one.

I am beginning to think there is a force in this world that likes to play with us. I remember a saying I once saw: “if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.” Whatever your religion and whether you believe or not, you have to admit there is a lot of irony in life. And I now have a spare blade for the next time I throw one out.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Just like my glasses are always streaky, so are the screens on my ipad and iphone. I have even had someone ask me if I could see her, because my glasses were so dirty! (Maybe I didn’t want to!!)

I just never seem to get around to cleaning my screens, and my glasses, by the time I clean them and put them back on my face, they are greasy. It is all that expensive face cream that keeps me looking so young!

We are now carrying Screen and Lens Wipes by Jude’s Miracle Cloth. These are small lint-free microfiber cloths to clean the seeing things in your life.

P.P.S. The recipe we are promoting right now is Granola Bars. Yes, the kids are back to school next week and you have to make lunches.

The recipe is also online on our website scoopnweigh.com.

P.P.P.S. When I was walking on the beach last weekend I saw this yellow thing hanging off a branch in the distant. And wondered what it was.

As I got closer I realized it was a dinosaur hand puppet.

Who thinks up these things? Is it placed there to make me question what I saw? Did the tide bring it in? I had to take pictures because I knew no one would believe me. Who said walking was boring!