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Bird Watching

Dear Friends:

A couple of weeks ago I went out with my hiking group to bird watch. I like watching birds and I would like to be able to identify them, so I thought this was a good fit for me. Something new to learn and to be more aware of the environment around me.

It started well: a nice evening, no bugs, and dry trails. In the two hours I was with the group I learned several things. First I missed every bird that flew by. Someone would point out “did you see that (specific name) bird” and I would go “where” and they would say “you just missed it”. I didn’t even see a flutter!

Second, by the time I got my binoculars facing the right direction and in focus, the bird would be behind a branch and out of sight.

Third, my eyesight is just not good enough to tell the differences of a streak on the belly or a small patch on the back of the head of a eastern/norther/central bird. I missed all the subtle differences because I spent too much time just trying see the bird through my binoculars.

Fourth, my neck hurt after a while with all that looking up.

The biggest thing I realized is I just am not that interested in the detail. I think if I can tell the difference between a pelican and swan I am doing well.

But I did see wild purple violets, anemones about to bloom and yellow violets that I had never seen before. I also saw a beaver on the river that slapped its tail as canoers got close.

My new theory is short people should focus on things closer to the ground. I am going on a plant identification hike in a couple of weeks. I think that is more my style. I will still have to wear my binoculars, because I look so cute in them, that I did learn! And that just like eyeglasses make you look smarter, binoculars make you look like an expert. Just like BBQs, it is all in the accessories!

It looks like summer is finally here. The grass is growing and flowers are showing signs of blooming soon. I planted green beans in a large flower pot and I think they grew three inches in a day. I know that lettuce will soon be in the garden and that brings salad season.

I have written about these in the past and just want to remind you, these salad containers work – really work.

I don’t eat bought salad dressing, so have to make my own if I want salad. I have tried every kind of salad shaker that Scoop has sold and these are the only ones that didn’t drip, and were easy to clean. You can make your dressing in the bottom part, then put on the top. Even when you shake them they don’t leak, although I would not get too vigorous.

When you pour that is all they do, no drips and no burps (a big blob that spills over everything).

And clean up is easy, just pop them in the dishwasher. You can’t wash them by hand, the spout is just too fiddley to get into the narrow bits.

There are two sizes. I use the larger one and keep the extra in the fridge. I also have several so I have a variety of dressings on hand.

The other popular dressing shaker is this.

We sell lots of these and there is just a screw cap. These are made of glass and I don’t do well with glass, I am just too clumsy. The bonus feature of this one is there are recipes on the side and marks as to how much vinegar, oil and other things you add. Interesting concept!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. The supply of cookie cutters has been refilled and we have added to it. New ones are:

Princess Dress and Pink Crown, you can just see a little girl in her pink fluffy tutu beaming at these cookies. Not to mention us old girls too.

Ugly Christmas Sweater, which can double as a sports jerseys for your favourite team.

Witch/Wizard’s Hat, for a little magic in your life, or one of those bitchy days.

Skull and Crossbow, we get asked a lot for this, must be a kid thing!