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Summer Tea Towels

Dear Friends:

Every summer I seem to order tea towels with the cute or cheeky sayings. This year is no different. There are gardening ones, lake ones and new for this year, wine ones.

If you need a hostess gift when you mooch a meal out of someone. Or your favourite sassy tea towel is stained and worn. Or you just need one to make you smile, this is your selection.

For campers and bikers, you can also add paper napkins.

Most summers I have hung these Large House Flags on the clothes lines in the store. Lots of people have asked about where I got them and would I sell them. I bought them all over the place whenever I was traveling and now I am selling them. This is a continuation of getting-rid-of-decorations.

These House Flags are roughly 24 x 40″ (as opposed to garden flags that are 18 x 30″). They are meant to be hung outside and don’t fade in the bright sun. If you drive in rural United States lots of people hang these in their yards and change them for each season.

I would love to keep one and hang it at my lake, buuuut my yard is so full of stuff whirling around, reflecting sun and bobbling, I don’t have room for more. Blame my Polish heritage for this love of tacky stuff in my yard! No, I don’t have a garden gnome, that would be really tacky!!

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh, the Candy Store for Grownups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. Now for the selling portion – gloves. We have three kinds:

Oven – fabric (cuter and matchers to aprons) or silicone (easier to clean). Mitts or gloves. And regular or extra long for BBQ’s (BBQ’s are 20% off).

Rubber – these are the good ones that last. And a cute one too.

Cut Resistant – for those of us with wobbly hands so we don’t cut ourselves – just a little bit of protection to avoid a mishap.