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Paper Napkin Sale

Dear Friends:

Our Paper Napkin Sale starts on April 1 and runs until April 13. Select paper napkins will be half price. These are not the Easter and Spring ones (I am not that nice!), but the all the others – Christmas, Halloween and Everyday.

The paper napkins are:
beverage $3.00
luncheon $4.00
buffet $5.00

This is stock up time. And yes there are some ugly ones!

Equally important, we received a new batch of Wrendale Mugs – those cute animal ones. There are some new ones: llama, panda, fox and flamingos.

This is not something you think about for long and then dawdle about; before they even arrived I had a request from a customer.

See you at Scoop N’ Weigh: The Candy Store for Grown Ups!

Linda Klimack

P.S. What else are we clearing out? Pussy willow branches and wooden baskets.

P.P.S. I am living under a cloud right now as I wait for something bad to happen. I believe in the rule that bad things happen in threes. Yesterday the handle fell off my back door knob. It just came off in my hand as I tried to rush out of the house. Put that job on the list!

Then this morning I started a load of laundry and after thirty minutes I still heard it running and went down to find water all over the floor. A hose had come loose and water was just running and running. I don’t want to even think what my water bill will be for this month. A friend and I managed to reattach the hose and the washing machine is okay again. Although I think my relationship with the washing machine has trust issues.

So what is the third thing? I will keep you posted. In the meantime I am being very careful about what I touch and do.